Battlefield Hardline Impressions at PAX East

I had the pleasure of being first in line to chat with the guys at EA and one of the lead developers from Visceral Games. It was actually my first time getting my hands on Hardline as I was traveling when the beta came out. I demo’ed Battlefield Hardline on the Xbox One. It was a fun experience because I got the pleasure of playing against their PR team and King our writer. 

Let’s talk about controls. First of all let me tell you that I am a PC guy first when it comes to the Battlefield world, I’m a huge Battlefield 4 fan. Playing it on the Xbox One was a huge adjustment for me. The response time was so quick it felt a little jerky, however after running around the level for a little bit and getting slaughtered in the process I was able to get a hang of the feeling on Xbox One. I liked Battlefield Hardline a lot. 

The premise is you are either on the Cop Team or the Criminal team. If you’re familiar with Battlefield then you know there are different modes. In Battlefield Hardline it’s the same. 

  • Conquest mode: You control a base and hold it. 
  • Team Deathmatch: Two teams kill each other, it’s infantry only.
  • Heist: It’s all about pulling off a big job and get that money, infiltrate a vault and get out. Cops will try and stop you.
  • Blood Money: You’re fighting over a huge pile of money that was stolen in transit, while the cops are trying to stop and secure the evidence. 
  • Hotwire: Criminals steal a list of marked cars and cops try and repossess them. 
  • Rescue: This is one of two modes. The cop centric way to play it is cops try to rescue hostages and criminals try to secure them and kill the cops. You only die once in this and get no more than one shot to win so be careful, the environment is dangerous as well.

We played a lot of Rescue mode and it was extremely fun. I think I shot King a few times in the process and I also got wasted by an EA press member with a baseball bat a few times. 

Overall, I was pleased with my hands on experience and I look forward to playing this game on March 17th.


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