Triple A game mishaps

I have a question for anyone who is a big gamer.  Why does it seem like all the Triple A games from these large well known developers are under performing?  There has always been a time where you pick up a game you were extremely looking forward to and after you play it, you realize there are so many problems with it that it made you feel like crap for hyping yourself up for the game.  I just don’t understand. Why is it hard for these big name developers to get a game right now a days?  You know they are working hard on these games for over 2 years but yet they release a game that has so many bugs it makes it feel like an incomplete game.  I just wanted to voice my opinion on the fact that I find it extremely unacceptable for how this is becoming a trend a lot this year with triple A games. With games like Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, Drive Club and Destiny all suffering from bugs its astounding they sell so well.  Assassin’s Creed Unity had so many bugs it made Ubisoft give away all the DLC to users. The original plan was for them to sell that DLC. If you purchased the Season pass they will be giving their customers another Ubisoft game for free. Perhaps I may be looking too much into it or putting too much faith in these companies. Let me what you all think.  Are you okay with playing games that feel like they are incomplete?




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Sony & Microsoft Writer. Just trying to get my name out there and share my passion for video games.