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By getamikeON, May 15, 2014 PC, Steam, Trailers

This just came in cray hot. SUPERHOT is a unique first-person shooter game where time moves only when you move, making each level a deadly puzzle. SUPERHOT started as a 7 Day First Person Shooter (7DFPS) game jam project made by… Read More »

By Ryno, May 13, 2014 E3, Microsoft, News

Microsoft has announced that starting June 9th you will be able to buy the Xbox One console minus the Kinect for only $399.  Even though Microsoft  stated in February that they had no intention of removing the device. The Kinect… Read More »

By Ryno, May 13, 2014 Editorial

I remember back when I was a young lad before we had this thing called the internet, we used to have to go to stores to purchase our games.  Of course back then we had no choice in the matter. … Read More »

By Ryno, May 13, 2014 News, Sony

Sony CEO – Kaz Hirai – and other top Sony executives have decided to take a 50% pay cut after reporting a $1.27 billion loss for the 2013 fiscal year. Even though the Playstation division is turning a profit it… Read More »

By Anthony DeVirgilis, May 8, 2014 News, Nintendo

This week’s North American Nintendo Downloads are as follows: Wii U Virtual Console Wario Land 4 3DS Download The “Denpa” Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll Grinsia Parking Star 3D 3DS Virtual Console Mega Man II Mega Man III 3DS… Read More »

By Anthony DeVirgilis, May 7, 2014 E3, News, Nintendo

Nintendo announced today that they are remaking the classic Game Boy Advance titles Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire  for the 3DS and they will both be out this November just in time for the holiday rush.  This fills in a little… Read More »

By getamikeON, May 7, 2014 News, PC, Steam, Videos

In this video Mike & Eddie check out Full Bore for the first time and play through some of the beginning levels while giving their first impressions of the game. Keep an eye out for the full review. —GameGravy links—… Read More »