Xbox 360 Achievements Earn you real rewards

We heard rumors a few months back saying that Microsoft was considering creating rewards for those who earned a lot of achievements. Well, officially the day has come. If you go to this rewards page and sign-up for Xbox Live Rewards you’ll be able to get somewhat cool stuff.

In my opinion this is a step in the right direction, as achievements and gamerscore were pretty much useless besides bragging points. Lets face it how many of you are running around bragging about your Gamerscore? Now, with some rewards it at least gives some people incentive to check out the achievements and add some longevity to certain games. Keep in mind  that the rewards are by no means significant, but it makes a difference. It speaks volumes that Microsoft is humoring their community to offer them something.

This may make people think even less about PS3 trophies now, and maybe may give Sony some ideas to add some incentive for their users as well. A lot of people have been complaining for a while that PS3 trophies do feel less significant that Xbox 360 achievements. That’s one debate I’d prefer not to jump into but personally myself I agree. I’d rather not waste my time on trophies.

On to the rewards. Here is what you can earn:

  • A gamerscore from 3,000-9,999 will get you a “Special Gift” during your birth month worth a mighty 25 cents.
  • A gamerscore from 10,000-24,999 will get you the gift and a 1% rebate on all XBL purchases per month.
  • A gamerscore from 25,000 and up will get you the gift and a 2% rebate on all XBL purchases per month.

The only thing that doesn’t count towards the rebates are the purchases of XBL memberships and Microsoft Points.

What do you think about this new development? How do you feel about achievements and trophies? Let us know below.






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