Spec leak for the Xbox 720 confirmed by Digital Foundry

So hot off the press! Some sneaky devs got a bit of inside info on the Durango or Xbox 720 developer kit that was posted on a relatively unknown developer forum.  The leaker was offering to sell it for $10,000. Can you imagine that? $10,000, huh. This sounds like the console developer black market.

The leaked Xbox 720 prototype looked very much like a PC tower and said to have an Intel chip and NVIDA graphics along with a robust 8GB of memory.  Digital Foundry of Euro Gamers was reportedly able to confirm that the leak is genuine information and is in line with previous rumors regarding the next generation Xbox.

The source of the leak is known as DaE who went on to note that the next generation of Microsoft home consoles will have a core of eight CPUs and will hopefully have the capability of playing Blu-Ray media in a true 1080p environment with 3D output. If it is true that the Xbox 720 can support Blu-Ray then Sony will have a serious contender when they release the PS4 which will of course support Blu-Ray. So, let the games begin!

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are counting on the next generation consoles to boost sluggish game and hardware sales in the upcoming years. So now that there is more info out there about the Xbox 720 what do you think?  Are you going to  keep your current console, wait for the PS4 or going to snatch up the Xbox 720 as soon as it hits?

Earlier rumors have suggested Microsoft’s Xbox 720 console will launch in November 2013.


Source: Yahoo





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