Nintendo Download 5/24: More 3DS Virtual Console Edition


To my dismay, Nintendo has released a 3DS Virtual Console game TWO WEEKS IN A ROW.  Yes ladies and gentlemen that is correct.  Your eyes do not deceive you! Game and Watch Gallery 2 is out as well as Snakenoid Deluxe and an Update for the eShop game Mighty Switch Force!


Game & Watch Gallery 2
Enjoy five different games in both their original and revised versions. Classic versions take you back to the ’80s, while modern versions offer improved play control, color and sound effects.
(For Nintendo 3DS)

Snakenoid Deluxe
Enjoy a unique blend of classic game concepts. Use the stylus to control a snake on the lower screen and bounce the ball to destroy boulders on the upper screen. (For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo DSi)

Madagascar 3 Trailer in 3D (available May 26 at 6 a.m. PT)
Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman journey through Europe in a traveling circus as they fight to get home to the Big Apple. Catch the trailer in 3D on Nintendo Video. (For Nintendo 3DS)

Mighty Switch Force! (New Edition)
A revised version of Mighty Switch Force! is now available in the Nintendo eShop. This edition includes five new bonus levels, enhanced stereoscopic effect to all previous levels, and a “retry” button for dedicated speed runners. Players who already own Mighty Switch Force! can download this edition at no additional cost.
(For Nintendo 3DS)

Source: Nintendo



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