There Are Now Three Million Spiral Knights

This is news that Sega just put up on their blog. Their game Spiral Knights, which you can get on Steam for free and is amazingly fun and addictive– has grown to have over 3 million accounts. To have seen this game grow from an infant Knight in its earliest alpha stage to a cool one million — and now to hit three million (and growing) accounts just a year after release, is definitely special. Seeing the game grow and change along the way is the best part.

To thank players for playing the game and being a loyal fan Sega has announced that all elevators will have no energy cost from now to Saturday, May 15 at 2pm PST. Woo hoo! This is awesome, game on everyone.

Below is a sneak peak of what’s on the way:

  • More Missions, More Levels

Ever deeper into the Clockworks — new levels are on the way. And if it’s a challenge you want, then it is a challenge you will get — the new “Danger Missions” will offer enhanced challenge for those who think they’re tough enough.

  • More Combat Options!

Much secrecy around this so far — but expect it to be unveiled in stages. The end goal is to make combat more dynamic and strategic — and possibly more explosive – and therefore, more fun! Stay tuned …

  • More Accessible DLC!

Operation Crimson Hammer will eventually be giftable to all players. Making sure this works properly can be tricky so please give it a bit of time — but it’s on the way!

  • Expanded Guild Features!

If there’s one thing Knights do naturally, it’s band together for common purposes. Well, we want to reward your camaraderie — Spiral Knights is looking to expand existing guild features and introduce new ones, giving you ever-more ways to compete in groups.



Source: Sega Blog



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