Constant C

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 7/10

Creative Puzzles | Story Originality

No replay value | Repetitive

Game Info

GAME NAME: Constant C

DEVELOPER(S): International Games System

PUBLISHER(S): International Games System

PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360

GENRE(S): Puzzle

RELEASE DATE(S): March 12, 2014


Constant C is a 2D puzzle platform that is unique in kind of a crazy way.  The game begins with you, an “Emergency Rescue Robot”, trying to fix the space station.  The space station suffers from an unfortunate accident and all the scientists have disappeared.  The accident caused everything to be suspended in time.  Once your character has been activated to begin it’s job, which you will find and talk with a computer named A.I. that will explain what has happened.  A.I. wants you to also collect tubes of information called Storage Devices to help solve the situation that the station is under.


The game starts off pretty slow but as you play through the game it get’s pretty intense and even frustrating.  Everything is frozen in time due to the accident.  There is a bubble that surrounds you that will move “stuck” objects when you get close enough.  When the objects come within the bubble, the objects will move into place so you can get through the obstacles and pass the level.  For example, there will be a box that needs to be moved so you can use it to jump across a gap so you don’t die or in the case of being a robot, explode in an awesome fashion.  Be careful though because sometimes you can drop or jump too far and blow to smithereens.  When you begin the game, each level is a door that will be unlocked by A.I. as you progress through the game.  Each level has sub levels, as in A-1, A-2 and so on, but some of the levels will contain the storage devices that you can collect.  The storage devices can be easy to collect but that is early on in the game, later on it gets to be a hassle and can get profanely frustrating.  If you have collected a storage device and you die, it is all good because it saves your place and all you have to do is finish the level without having to retry for the device again.


The graphics are pretty good during game play, while the graphics of the videos of the scientists is lacking a little.  I feel the graphics could have been kept the same for the scientist videos.  The graphics aren’t mind blowing but they are perfect for this game in particular.  When you explode, the aftermath will remain on the wall behind the spot of your death during the rest of your attempts at passing the level, which can be cool at first because it is different but then can make you sad being that it gets difficult enough that now you realize you are dying so much the background is almost completely black of ash.  The music fits perfectly while trying to solve the obstacles to pass the level.  The game play is not simple by any means, maybe in the beginning it is but once all the upgrades are in place, it can become confusing.  As you progress through the levels, the game becomes more difficult, frustrating, and it could even maybe have you questioning your gaming skills and your smarts for that matter.  It is not just an ordinary puzzle game, you must move boxes, roll big balls and move lifts into place to make a jump or block a laser beam that will incinerate you, which is also pretty cool to watch.  The littlest things sometimes can make a difference on getting to the next part of the level or dying for the umpteenth time.


The controls of the game can get insane as well.  Obviously you will use the joystick to move and you will have your jump button and your interaction button.  What I did not anticipate is the gravity controls in the game which makes everything all the more interesting and difficult.  You can press one button to rotate the level left, another button to rotate right and the other button to flip the level upside down.  When you make these shifts, your robot will fall down to the direction you moved the level, which will become the new floor.  Pressing the Y button, will flip the level upside down, the level will flip and you will fall down to the ceiling or pressing B or X will rotate the level to where you will fall down to the wall and it becomes the new floor to walk on.  As confusing as this sounds, wait til you get your hands on this game and the levels that need constant rotations to proceed to the next level will blow your mind.



The Recommendation

I would definitely recommend this game to the gamer’s that like puzzles that are challenging and make you think often.  At first I was like this is boring and easy during the first level but then I realized as I progressed that I couldn’t put the controller down and it was getting more difficult.  The levels got increasingly difficult as you move on to the next levels and addicting too because it feels like you are so close to beating the level that you keep dying and before you know it, an hour and a half has passed.  I like games that make you think and this one really nailed it on the head with brain.  It can however get repetitive at times so the replay value isn’t really there.  Once a level is beaten, you can just choose level select if you missed any storage devices and keep trying to collect it.  I enjoyed the brain exercise trying to figure out the solutions.  Again, I would definitely say this game is worth adding to the collection.



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