Color Zen Kids (3DS)

6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 6/10

Electronic Happy Beat | Good For Beginners

Not Enough Content | No Variation In Difficulty

Game Info

GAME NAME: Color Zen Kids

DEVELOPER(S): Cypronia

PUBLISHER(S): Cypronia

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo 3ds, Wii U

GENRE(S): Puzzle

RELEASE DATE(S): June 19th, 2014

Everyone deep down enjoys a decent puzzle game, whether they like to admit it or not.  Color Zen Kids is just that but, obviously directed towards “kids” with their colorful animal shaped stages.  It’s not bad for the younger learners to bend their mind a little in figuring out the order of colors to mesh and finish the stage.  In a sense, it is very close to Color Zen with its gameplay only this one has larger shapes and a brighter appeal.


If you have played Color Zen Kids for Wii U, then you are getting the exact identical experience.  The object is to use the stylus and drag shapes across the screen to crash into others of the same color, which fill the screen and eventually getting the same color as the border.  Some of the puzzles will take more than one try, but most won’t especially if you are an adult that is good at puzzle games.  There are 6 groups of 20 levels, equaling to a total of 120 colorful puzzles to complete.


The soundtrack is a repetitive electronic happy beat that easily fits this title.  Visually this game is nothing complex, but filled with solid vibrant colors that could easily stimulate young players.  Color Zen Kids controls very well and not complicated for even the most inexperienced gamers.


The Recommendation

For any parent looking to push their kids into puzzle games or even just to change it up, Color Zen Kids isn’t a bad title.  Even though the 120 stages have no variation in difficulty and could easily be completed in about 20-30min max for an adult, it can still entertain many children.  The price may be a little high sitting at $3.99 and may turn most away, but it isn’t that bad considering most people pay that much for a gun camo on Call of Duty these days.




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