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By Devin, June 4, 2012 E3, Microsoft, News, Sony

  A real-time physics engine will debut in Madden NFL 13. The wait is over, the disappointment is over and along with it, the era of animation-based gameplay in one of the most visual of sports video games. No more my… Read More »

By Jeffrey Wilkes, June 4, 2012 E3, Microsoft, News, Sony

Watch Dogs….that’s the name that people are talking about while walking away from Ubisoft’s E3 presentation.  It looks like a mixture of the movie Hackers and Grand Theft Auto, with a touch of Matrix.  From the gameplay demo it looked… Read More »

By Shaun Zimmerman, June 3, 2012 E3, News, Nintendo

Nintendo got the E3 ball rolling a little early this year by releasing a new Nintendo Direct video this afternoon.  Here it is in case you missed it: The main focus of the presentation was the new Wii U console.  Nintendo President Satoru… Read More »

By Shaun Zimmerman, June 2, 2012 E3, News, Nintendo

Looks like Nintendo is starting the E3 hype train a little early this year.  On Sunday afternoon (6/3/2012) they’ll be hosting a special Nintendo Direct episode.  The show is said to discuss the concept behind the new WiiU console that… Read More »