League of Legends: Patch 5.13… The AP cometh.

Path 5.13 has finally been released in all of it’s glory, and it may be a blessing for some of us ability power reliant players. The trolliest of champions has been released, existing champions have been tweaked, and Riot decided to change all of the AP items.

First up is the release of Tahm Kench. If you are a support player, and you don’t instantly buy him, you’re crazy. This is a champion that we are going to be seeing a lot bot lane. You can see Tahm Kench breakdown here. Kench will be an awesome bruiser support with his stacks, stuns, slows, and gobbling up things left and right.

Mechanics in the game have also been changed ever so slightly. Instead of seeing the tons of damage Veigar dealt to you in your death recap, you will now be able to see an actual breakdown of why you died. Also, Riot answered our slowing prayers. When slowed by multiple enemy champions in a team fight, you aren’t perma-slowed. No more struggling to get away. Instead, the greatest duration slow is applied. It would be smart to stagger your slows now, instead of blowing them all on the adc right away. Otherwise you now have an ability on cool down for no reason.

Did Riot hear the shows of “NERF EKKO PLS RITO?” Nope. He is still the exact same, just with a slightly improved frame right. Kalista however is being nerfed. Her attack damage ratio is down to .9 from 1, and she can no longer use her Q mid dash. Riot balanced this out by increasing her base attack damage and damage growth stat, so don’t worry too much. Nautilus received a much needed damage nerf, and they’re still picking on poor Rek’Sai, as her knock up radius was decreased to 160 from 200.

The biggest part of this patch was the item reworks. Riot decided to do the unthinkable… Buff Runeglaive. The base attack damage ratio is up, as well as the ability power. Almost every ability power item was changed whether it be build, gold or stat wise.

For example, Rabadon’s Deathcap got all three of these changes. The item now costs 3500 gold instead of 3300, and got an ability power bonus buff. The recipe has changed as well. No more simple Needlessly Large Rod and Blasting wand build; an Amplifying Tome has been added into the mix.

New chroma packs will also be released for Bard, Grim Reaper Karthus, and Dreadknight Nasus. Does anyone buy these though?

To get the full details on the AP item changes, check it out here.


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