Free To Play Friday – DRIVECLUB

An M4, but you get the idea

A street racing game featuring licensed supercars for PS4?  And it’s free?!  Where do I sign up?

DRIVECLUB (yep, all caps) was released last year as PS4’s answer to Microsoft’s Forza, which is Microsoft’s answer to Gran Turismo, which… nevermind.  Anyway, the big kicker for Drive Club was that there would be a large-scale release of a free version for PS+ subscribers.  After the retail version of the game hit shelves though, it was made immediately apparent that servers couldn’t handle the number of players.  Hence, the free version was delayed indefinitely.

Until yesterday!

So now PS+ subscribers (while costing money, is basically every PS4 player) can play the game on or offline, for no additional charges.

Obviously there are some limitations.  The available cars aren’t the best or most varied, although it does have my BMW M3 (seriously my dream car) so I’m happy in that regard.  And although the game is touted as a community-styled racing hub, it’s a pretty quiet hub even with the flux of new players.  Music is off by default too, so make sure you turn it on (or listen to your Spotify).  Although the engines sound great, it’d be nice to have some tunes too.  I hope you like EDM.

It’s a big download so get started, but it is pretty free.  Keep a lookout for my drive club, called Butt Frenzy because I’m an immature manboy.


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