Start-up Saturday: Umbra

Seriously gamers, who doesn’t love a great action RPG in the vein of Diablo or Baulder’s Gate?  SolarFall Games’ Umbra is the next evolution of the ARPG genre. In our second Start-Up Saturday spotlight, we look at the features that make Umbra stand out amongst the pack.

In Umbra, you play as a former soldier who has escaped the death penalty punishment and have been recruited by a mysterious group of Templars and then the action soon follows. The game features a unique skill called “Apocalyptic Form” which allows you to shape-shift making your character completely customizable.  There is also a neat little crafting mini-game in which you can decorate your home.

The graphics use the Cry-Engine3 and look absolutely stunning. Here are a few other bullet points, a link to the kickstarter, a trailer and a few images:

  • Open World – Discover the world and enjoy it at your own convenience.
  • Exploration and experimentation – rewards based on your play style.
  • Free character development – No class limitation.
  • Apocalyptic Form – Develop special powers based on how you play.
  • Tons of Loot – Weapons, Armor, Potions and random magic effects.
  • Semi procedural Weaponry – Blades, pommel, etc.
  • Advanced Crafting mini-game – Build your own weapons and armors.
  • Tons of Destructible environments – We hope you enjoy it!
  • Housing – Create your own house and showcase your work.
  • Complete story – full of secrets to discover while exploring the world.

Link to the Umbra Kickstarter:

Screens_gameplay_ks_01 Screens_gameplay_ks_02 Screens_gameplay_ks_03 ScreenShot0_world2


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