Start-up Saturday: Portalnauts

Each Saturday, GameGravy is going to bring one Kickstarter title into the spotlight to try to help the developer of the game get their work out to an audience.  If you are a developer that would like to get their game some publicity or a fan who has kickstarted a game and would like to help that particular game get funded, email us your suggestions and or requests for the Start-up Saturday game of the week.  This week we bring to you Portalnauts from developer GamePlusJames.


Portalnauts, the brain child of developer James Doyle,  is a 2D platforming action adventure game featuring multiple characters, each with unique abilities, using their skills to fight an evil invading force all across the multiverse. Players will travel through the game recruiting and unlocking characters to help tackle the increasingly challenging worlds and unique bosses that lie within. When an evil force comes to invade the earth, just as it has in countless other dimensions, it’s time for the Portalnauts to join forces and take on this shadowy menace before the universe is lost!


The game is a mix of some of my favorite SNES titles including Super Metroid and Mega Man X.  After a brief game test with the demo that’s available on Portalnauts web site, the game has a nice dynamic of switching between characters that have different skills.  In the first level you play as a cool scientist with a gun and then in the secod level a more Ralph Maccio inspired Karate Kid that can dash and double jump.  It also has a flare of Mutant Mudds from developer Renegade Kid sprinkled in as the coins look like what Max collects during his adventure.

You can visit the Kickstarter by following this link:

Below I will leave you with some screens and a video of Portalnauts:




-GameGravy Disclaimer: Please note our writers are sharing their thoughts, opinions, news and recommendations on indie kickstarter titles. We in no way personally represent, know the developers or can guarantee that these titles will come to fruition so please back at your own risk. Thanks.


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