Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut Announced and Detailed for Wii U

After Amazon leaked that Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut was making it’s way to the Wii U later this year, Square Enix has spilled the beans on an absurd amount of upgrades over the original release.  Square has also stated that this will remain a Wii U exclusive.  Are these “upgrades” enough to make you want to purchase this two year old classic? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • More than a port
  • Eidos Montreal says it’s the “ultimate edition of the game”
  • Eidos is working with Straight Right on the game
  • Deus Ex’s boss battles were originally outsourced
  • The three bosses have had their map layouts reworked to provide players with alternative potential strategies
  • New hacking challenges are available to players who focus on hacking, and stealth options are available to those who focus on stealth
  • Barrett’s map has been reworked to provide a second additional layer so Jensen can hide, forcing his foe to lose sight of him
  • Energy system is more forgiving on Wii U
  • Can have two energy cell recharge by default on all but the hardest difficulty
  • Players can now use Jensen’s augmentation powers more freely
  • Improved AI for enemies to include the tweaks made for The Missing Link downloadable expansion
  • Enemy cone of vision has been retrofitted into the entire game for the Wii U version
  • Missing Link DLC originally looked better than the main game since the developers were more comfortable with their tools when they came to create them
  • Missing Link’s improved visuals have now been applied to Director’s Cut full game
  • Includes better shaders and revamped lighting system
  • New fog system that “makes the atmosphere really stand out”
  • Choppy shadows are now smoothed
  • Visual improvements not possible on the Xbox 360 since there’s not enough disc space available
  • Anti-aliasing also wouldn’t work on the console but is in for Wii U
  • GamePad ued for new augmentation called Neural Hub
  • The game’s Smart Vision augmentation, which allows players to see enemies through walls, was extended and fused with the GamePad, resulting in the Neural Hub
  • Use the GamePad to see enemy health, armor type (heavy, medium, or light) and loot
  • Can use the GamePad to navigate menus, display the map, augmentation system, inventory, etc.
  • Swipe controls
  • Grenade throwback: equip a proximity detector that alerts him to a nearby grenade
  • If an enemy chucks a grenade at you, the GamePad will vibrate, and you can swipe the touch-screen to pick it up and lob it back
  • Touch screen shows Jensen’s radar by default, which is a sort of hybrid between the main radar and the 2D map
  • Can open the 2D map on the GamePad and use the stylus to write notes that will appear on the main radar screen
  • Use the touch screen for the hacking mini-game
  • Weapons that have a scope (ex: sniper rifle) will let you use your TV to center your target, then enter a precision mode using the touch-screen, which displays the cross-hair
  • Around 8 hours of commentary from Eidos Montreal
  • Icons dotted around the world can activate this voice over, and you’re free to continue playing as you listen



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