New Wildstar videos and state of the game

Executive Producer Jeremy “Gaffer” Gaffney from the Wildstar team put out an article recently about the state of the game. We covered Wildstar at PAX 11 and I was able to get some hands on back then. It was definitely an awesome experience and I’m pretty excited for this game.

So, the state of Wildstar you’re asking? It may come out later this year first off. Second there were a ton of updates since we last touched it. Here is the lowdown.

Leveling:   First off, leveling can get very tedious.  You’ve killed a lot of goblins before – what can make it interesting again?  This made us set the goal that during leveling, we want to have a more fun, more varied experience than anyone else.   We do this in a few ways.

Content has to be varied up.  We try to mix up every area with different interesting things beyond kill and Fed-ex quests – unique parts of the environment like low-gravity or giant robots blasting the ground you walk on, or dealing with dropships full of powerful monsters and rewards flying by.  We layer in different quests, challenges, discoveries, and path content so that skilled players can be juggling different bonuses, temp powers, objectives, and rewards at their own pace.

Combat: From the looks of it, it sounds like combat has been adjusted so that it rewards you from playing well not just button mashing.

Level Cap: People always talk end game content. let’s be honest, if you play WOW or any other MMO you know that this is the most important thing. Sometimes people grind through leveling just for that content. We hope you don’t, I most certainly love to enjoy the content along the way. Wildstar will have a lot of fresh end game content, raids, and other environmental challenges.

Wildstar will be at PAX East in Boston this year, and I will personally be getting my hands on this again with a nice write up to report back to all our readers.

We have some new videos as a treat below, definitely enjoy.

WildStar: Meet the Exiles

Choose Your Path: The Soldier

Choose Your Path: The Explorer



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