Battlefield 3: End Game Capture the Flag Gameplay Premiere

Are you ready for this? Check out this awesome Capture the Flag gameplay featuring the all-new dirtbike from Battlefield 3: End Game. End Game is the fifth expansion pack for Battlefield 3, and comes out March 2013.

New Features of End Game:


Obviously new dirtbikes! There will be a lot of cool jumps and warfare being on done on dirtbikes.

Call for reinforcements with the new dropship

There are two new AA vehicles or use the new dropship to call in reinforcements or parachute in behind enemy lines. The AA vehicles is the first time in Battlefield 3 that a troop transport has been fitted with a roof mounted AA turret in addition to a rocket launcher, effectively making it able to defend against both ground and air vehicles.

Fight all year around

End Game contains four vast and varied maps, each inspired by one of the four seasons. So duke it out in all varied beautiful maps.

The return of Capture the Flag and Air Superiority

Capture the flag has been around for a while for a lot of online multiplayer games in fact it was in the original Battlefield 1942 and now its being brought back and put into Battlefield 3 End Game. End Game is the jet-based Air Superiority game mode where players can take part in massive dogfights, much like when this game mode first appeared in Battlefield 1943.



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