10 Best Games of 2012

Happy New Year! As we bring in the new year we will be doing a 2 article special of our Top 10 Picks of the Best/Worst Games of 2012. The ranking below is from myself and James, I know my other Writers/Editors will post comments below if they want to add their two cents in. So, enjoy the list below. Let us know what your favorite games of 2012 are below!

Be sure to come back tomorrow and check out “The 10 Worst games of 2012“!

10 Best Games of 2012

Borderlands 2

This is a sequel done right.  Adding a fantastic antagonist along with more guns, more to do, and brilliant audio (godliath screaming about being angry comes to mind) makes this co-op gem a worthy addition to your game collection.

Guild Wars 2

The most anticipated MMO follow up that proved to be worth the wait. Guild Wars 2 was redesigned from the ground up to give MMO gamers what they want. NCSoft took into account many issues that plagued the original Guild Wars and even World of Warcraft and made their own recipe that has proven to be successful. With their zero monthly costs, this game quickly entered the hearts of many MMO gamers.

Diablo III

Diablo III is another game that was highly delayed but worth the wait. Development began in 2001 and this game was finally released in 2012. Blizzard did a complete overhaul and redesign on Diablo III and gamers every rejoiced. There were a few launch controversies with online authorization but in regards to story and gameplay this game definitely delivered. Recently Blizzard has scrapped their PVP mode but are going back into development to restart their work. This title shows that Blizzard supports and puts a lot of passion and time into Diablo III, and gamers around the world love it.

Max Payne 3

A hardcore cinematic third-person shooter with an excellent story, intuitive gameplay, and excellent multiplayer with tons of DLC content. This game holds a lot of replay value and Rockstar blew it out of the water.

New Super Mario Bros U

This Wii U title, has such balanced gameplay and a great challenge mode. It may not have pushed too hard on the boundaries of the Wii U hardware, but it delivered an excellent HD Mario experience touching the roots of Mario and Nintendo made a game that everyone can enjoy.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

This is one of the best WOW expansions yet. Blizzard has improved so many gameplay elements and made this game accessible for everyone while still providing challenging content to the dedicated hardcore players. Blizzard also added an abundant of patches, content releases and tons of things to do in game, you can spend hours playing with friends.

Spec Ops: The Line

A solid, if slightly dated, third person shooter with a few of the usual tropes on the surface, but these still waters run deep.  The best-written game in years, with a twist that rival’s “would you kindly.”  Play it.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

This game is good as its pedigree suggests, XCOM is easily the best, but also most accessible, strategy game in a long time.  This game will consume your life.

Far Cry 3

The yardstick open-world games will be measured by for years. Far Cry 3 brings tons of content without having to jump through too many timesink tasks, with the great shooting supplied by red storm.

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 has to be one of the most controversial games of the year considering people petitioned the original game ending to be fixed by Bioware and raised up to $80k in funds to do so. Bioware did deliver an epic game with intuitive gameplay and story. By far it’s one of the best action based Role Playing games. Bioware also delivered to the fans and released multiple DLC’s and a free DLC called Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, a pack that features new cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes that expand upon the original ending of Mass Effect 3.





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