Archive:  September, 2012

By James, September 27, 2012 News

Hammerlock is not pleased with this one. So there’s this vicious bug that erases your Badass Points, tokens, and all your customization stuff in Borderlands 2.  Watch the video and be careful.  This happens on all three systems, as well. … Read More »

By James, September 27, 2012 News, Sony

Tokyo Jungle, recently released on US PS3’s via the PSN Store, will be getting remote play with the Vita. Remote play for Sony’s systems works thusly – you load up and run the game on your PS3, but your Vita,… Read More »

By Anthony DeVirgilis, September 26, 2012 News, Nintendo

Nintendo announced today that it will have 23 games at launch and many many more coming in the launch window (by March 2013).  There are some great games in the line-up and some other awesome ones coming soon after! I… Read More »

By getamikeON, September 25, 2012 Microsoft, News

For those of you that haven’t played The Walking Dead on XBLA from Telltale Games, you need to. Its pretty darn amazing. If you missed our reviews we have a couple right here for your viewing pleasure The Walking Dead:… Read More »

By getamikeON, September 25, 2012 Microsoft, News

It looks like Harmonix is putting up another sale, this time for Dance Central 3! Its in anticipation of the October release of Dance Central 3. It looks like the sale is pretty large so you get to save a lot… Read More »

By getamikeON, September 24, 2012 News

Its almost October, Happy Halloween! For the fine folks in Florida it looks like Silent Hill is coming to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror nights! This sounds like its going to be amazing, I was reading a review of one… Read More »

By James, September 24, 2012 News, Sony

So normally I don’t say much about the PSN store updates unless there’s something particularly noteworthy, but tomorrow’s update notes have already caught my eye. GTA3, after being pulled last minute over some music licensing issues, has been confirmed for… Read More »